COG partners with UK’s largest club racing series: the 116 Trophy Car Racing Series

“Going fast… growing fast.”

The 116 Trophy series is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with COG, the innovative private digital currency.

Robert Foster, Founder and CEO of COG, commented:

“This partnership marks a significant milestone for both entities as they embody the same ethos: Going fast… growing fast.”

COG’s digital currency technology brings the strengths of Web3 and DeFi into the world of private and secure transactions, a perfect alignment with the 116 Trophy’s commitment to provide a unique, competitive and inclusive racing experience.

In its fifth year, the 116 Trophy Car Racing Series, run in partnership with the 750 Motor Club, has garnered reputation for hosting events at the UK’s most historic circuits. The series presents a remarkable racing experience through its consistent regulation, minimal modifications and strong community feedback.

COG’s commitment to expanding its reach through such collaborations stands testament to the project’s drive for growth and innovation. This partnership further strengthens COG’s position within the digital currency landscape, reflecting its ethos of community-building, inclusivity and taking decisive action.

Together, COG and the 116 Trophy Car Racing Series aim to offer an exceptional experience to motorsport enthusiasts, COGsters and the wider crypto community alike, fostering a unique environment where speed, technology, and community come together.

 Stay tuned for more updates on this exhilarating partnership.

In COG we trust. #ICWT

About COG

COG is an innovative private digital currency with proprietary technology that combines the strengths of Web3 and DeFi while ensuring privacy and security for its users. The foundation of the $COG token and its dApps ecosystem is built upon decentralised privacy.

About 116 Racing

The 116 Trophy Car Racing Series is the UK’s largest club racing series in 2023. Now in its fifth year, the series holds events across the UK’s most historic circuits and is in partnership with the 750 Motor Club. It provides a unique, competitive and inclusive one-make endurance race formula, offering a gateway into racing for Motorsport enthusiasts.

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Founder & CEO of COG

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