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New for 2019, the 750 Motorclub Gaz Shocks 116 Trophy  is an affordable, competitive and inclusive one make endurance race formula. Dedicated to the MK1 E87 BMW 1 Series, holding events across the UK’s most historic circuits, in partnership with the 750 Motorclub. 

Through a combination of consistent regulation, minimal modifications and a strong focus on feedback from our community we are proud to be able to offer Motorsport enthusiasts a gateway into racing. 

Our standard format consists of Enduro races (90 – 180 minutes), with two mandatory pit stops and up to three drivers. Each season will also include an extended length race and one race abroad. The choice of endurance racing allows drivers to share the events, keeping costs down, while providing plenty of track time. 

We strive to ensure that our series is as accessible as possible for novices and those on a budget, with experience, support and advice readily available from the series organisers, as well as a depth of experience provided by our teams. Whether you need car building services, race preparation and set up or you’d like to start your racing journey through arrive and drive. 

Our weapon of choice is the BMW 116i, a great road car, an even better race car. Among the many factors considered when vehicle was selected was the affordability factor for those that want to build their own. There is an expansive second hand market, meaning that good donor cars can be collected for between £700 and £2000.  In order to produce wallet friendly performance, the mandatory modifications have been kept to a minimum. A roll cage, race exhaust, suspension change, ECU and set of Nankangs is all you need to get you on the grid. We have a list of authorised vendors, offering consistent quality and pricing. Take a look at our builder’s guide for more detail. 

The commercial side of the 116 Trophy is run by Mark Bate and Derek Gardiner, but will join the 750 Motor Club’s portfolio of formulae in 2019. As the Home Of Affordable Motorsport in the UK, 750 Motorclub’s ethos of offering great value Motorsport without compromising on quality is an ideal match for the 116 Trophy.
Want to know more?  We encourage aspiring drivers to experience the 116 Trophy in person at one of our events, details of races and appearances can be found on our events page. If you have any questions on the 116 Trophy, contact us here.