Across our three series, we offer competitive and affordable endurance and sprint racing that welcomes all experience levels.

All competitors must be a member of the 750 Motor Club (£25 for 12 months) and registered for 116 Racing (£135 per season). 

If you’re interested in getting out on track, in one of our series, then you’re in the right place. 

For those who are ready to get started we have a few main avenues of entry into the series; arrive and drive packages, professional car build and preparation, ready-to-race second-hand vehicles and supported home builds.


Our team are on hand to help get you started,  contact us at

For those of you who are new to Motorsport, or unsure where to start, we’ve pulled together a few tips on what to consider.

An ideal first step, if you're considering getting into Motorsport, is to start with a few track days. Track days are non-competitive, great value for money and allow you to slowly build your confidence at your own pace. They can be attended on a regular Full UK Driving Licence in any road car. Make sure to check your insurance policy, if you intend to use your own vehicle, as most don't cover use on track and accidents do sometimes happen!
Prior to taking part in any Motorsport race events, including test days, you will require a valid Motorsport competition licence. This can be obtained by successfully completing the ARDS test. Start by ordering a 'Go-Racing Pack', that will contain everything you need to apply. It's a great idea, at this stage, to arrange as much time as possible with a trained instructor. Instruction is invaluable in helping you hone your skills and prepare for your test. 
Once you've received your Motorsport Competition Licence, you'll need to purchase the safety equipment required to drive a race car. The basic gear you'll need will include; a helmet, HANS device, gloves, fire-proof overalls and boots. Be aware that these need to meet a certain standard of safety to pass scrutineering and be valid for racing.
So, you've got your licence and your gear, now what? Once you've got everything you need to start racing, you'll need to find a car and club that suits you. There are so many clubs in the UK that this decision can seem a bit overwhelming. Generally speaking, one-make series with few modifications are a good place to start. The stricter regulations and limitations make it a more even playing field for less experienced drivers and the costs are better controlled. Damage to the vehicle is a very real possibility, no matter your experience level, so take that into account when planning your budget. 
At this stage, you're ready to get on the grid. All Clubs are different, so before you commit to building a specific race car, it can be helpful to start with an arrive and drive team. This way you'll get a feel for the car, the atmosphere and the costs before making any large purchases of your own. Your first 6 races you will be required to display a 'Novice' Cross on your vehicle, this signals to other drivers that you're still new to the sport. If you are looking to get into Motorsport and you have questions about getting started, our team are happy to help. You can email us at 
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