Harvey makes 116 Trophy debut

BTCC champion raced alongside son in the low-cost BMW endurance series last Sunday


British Touring Car champion Tim Harvey made his debut in the 116 Trophy low-cost endurance series at Silverstone last Sunday, sharing an RL Motor Services BMW 116i with son Jamie. The 1992 BTCC title holder had previously tested the series’ 116 and has shared a race car with Jamie competing in EnduroKa. Fellow BTCC star Steve Soper has also tested the 116. Harvey’s participation in the 90-minute contest last Sunday came via his friendship with Richard Lakey, who runs cars in the 116 Trophy – including Harvey’s at Silverstone – as well as racing in it himself.

Harvey told Motorsport News: “I’ve had a couple of tests in the cars. Rich Lakey who’s RL Motor Services, he’s a good friend of mine. So I’ve had a couple of goes in them and they’re great little cars. For having a good close race in a car that is fun to drive it’s perfect. “For me the thinking behind it is purely and simply it’s a fun weekend racing with my son. We really enjoy doing a weekend together. I like club motorsport, it’s nice to step back into club motorsport which is motor racing for the fun of it.

“[Jamie] keeps me on my toes because he’s quite quick, there’s always a bit of friendly competition to see who can get the fastest lap. It’s one of the great pleasures in motorsport to share it with a family member. “If this goes well I’ll do some more races with Jamie in the 116s.”

Article courtesy of Motorsport News
Photos courtesy of Robert Willsmore