116 Racing operates the 116 Trophy as a one make endurance racing series under the stewardship of the 750 Motor club and will race at the major race tracks in the UK.

As the series develops it is envisioned that we will run 24 hour races in the UK and Europe.

The 116 Trophy utilises the popular BMW E87 1.6i N45 models from 2004-2006 and is restricted to five speed models.

With light modifications to the engine and exhaust added to rear wheel drive and 50/50 weight distribution we honestly believe this is the ultimate driving package.

Donor cars are available in the price range £500-£1500 and partnership with leading brands in the industry at affordable prices means that the cost of building a car is around £4000 if you do the work yourself but we have experienced race car builders on board who can supply a “ready to race” car for under £6000.

Alternatively “arrive and drive” packages will be available from £600 per person so you and friends can have a race weekend at an affordable price.


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Goods & Services

The fundamental parts needed to convert your car to a race ready model, and some optional extras.

All prices are subject to change.

Mandatory Parts
Description Price Approved Source Contact
Gosling roll cage £850.00 116 Racing 07880 315699
116 race exhaust £395.00 Klarius 07967 645522 (Doug)
116 race suspension £525.00 GAZ 01268 724585 (Warren)
Nankang NS-2R set £260.00 Nankang UK 0121 5005010
116 race ECU £195.00 116 Racing 07880 315699
Optional Parts
116 Mintex pads £212.20 116 Racing 07880 315699
Lightweight flywheel £312.00 TTS Racing 01473 730996
Clutch Kit single mass £212.23 RTG 01772 395588
Sump baffle £22.00 J C Racing 01845 527777
Rollcage fitting £350.00 116 Racing 07880 315699
FAI track control arms      
RH: SS 5630 £32.04 R T Group 01772 395588
LH : SS 5629 £32.04 R T Group 01772 395588
Powerflex bushes 40% discount 116 Racing 07880 315699